Ms. Cynthia Chou

Collaborative Pianist

Fine and Performing Arts

Phone: 630-469-8600 ex. 2307

Cynthia Chou - born and raised from Taipei, Taiwan - is a pianist, performer, and an educator. She began piano at the age of three, the cello at the age of 10, and participated in choirs and orchestras at grade 6. She studied with Professor Natasha Kislenko at University of Santa Barbara and holds a B.A. degree in Western Art Music. Additionally, she holds an M.M. degree in Music Education from the Bienen School of Music (Northwestern University). Cynthia is an active member and staff at church. She plays the keys and sings at her worship team and has extensive knowledge and skills on keys and pads. Cynthia is passionate about music education and is an educator in the Chicago area. She has three years of teaching experience as a student teacher and assistant. She currently runs her own private cello studio in Evanston, IL and teaches online piano lessons through Zoom.