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Winter Concert Gallery

This year, due to the global pandemic, the Glenbard West High School choirs are presenting a Winter Concert Gallery. We will begin with an introduction by our choral director, Mr. Andy Jeffrey and the collaborative keyboard artist, Ms. Cynthia Chou.

Glenbard West

Choirs Showcase

In this section, each choir will perform the repertoire we worked on during this semester. Even though we couldn't see each other in person this year, students recorded themselves using an app called Bandlab, and their tracks were then compiled and edited to create this choral performance. 

As a special treat, we also created a special video that combines each student voice into Glenbard's inaugural Virtual Choir.

Enjoy the show!

Individual Final Projects

In addition to the repertoire we worked on together, students also created personal recording projects.

Enjoy our curated showcase!

The Choir Community

While we were not able to meet in person for the majority of this semester, the choir board organized several choir club events such as a virtual game night, outdoor singing events, and more.

In Memoriam

While 2020 has been an unprecedented year in many ways, we want to acknowledge that for many, it has been a year of great personal loss and sadness. As musicians, one of the responses we have to tragedy is to share in each other's burdens by making music together. This page is dedicated to our dear collaborative pianist, Heather Haefliger, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in April 2020, and to Amanda Schlieben, a vibrant member of our Glenbard West Choir community who we lost in October 2020. As we grieve these losses, Dan Forrest's setting of "Good Night Dear Heart" keep coming back to me. These are the words Mark Twain chose for the tomb of his youngest daughter Suzy, when she died at the age of 18.

"Warm summer sun

Shine kindly here,

Warm southern wind,

Blow softly here.

Green sod above

Lie light, Lie Light -

Good night, Dear Heart,

Good night, Good Night.”

Robert Richardson 1893


Let us remember those whom we have lost not only with sorrow, but with joy and gratitude for the way they have shaped our lives for the better.

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Thank You

We appreciate you visiting our concert gallery.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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